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Welcome to Dentsspa The Holistic Dental Spa clinic offers the combination of Dentistry & Spa therapies.
Experience the new age spa dentistry which offer Fear Free dental treatments , astonishing makeover to facial aesthetics , the innovative preventive dental programs for every individual for having healthy, painless & cost effective dental health all life

Our Specialist - Dr. Priti Munde

Dr. Priti Munde

Registration No : A - 17135
Certified Implantologist & Costemic Dental Surgeon

Making people smile and feel confident about themselves is Dr. Priti Munde's forte since 2009. Dr.Priti Munde has aced through her career with graduation in Bachelors of Dental Sciences (BDS), Implant Certified by Osstem implants and HI tech Implants and post-graduation in Medico Legal Systems( PGDMLS). From a tutor, consultant, organiser, to a head surgeon she have not left a stone unturned in Dentistry, her experiences with people and their smiles are a point of exhilaration. Being good with people is her hobby which has helped her pave her way into hearts of her patients making them fearless and at ease. Dr.Priti Munde have a case history of turning the curve on patients face through 250+ cases in Cosmetic Surgery, 100+ cases in Dental Implant Cases and full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Priti Munde have dealt with 25+ Smile Improvement cases using Botox and Fillers and also known for fear free dentistry and 6- handed Dental practice .

Dr.Priti Munde is showered with awards and recognition for her strenuous and gleeful work. Nominated as best clinic interior in 2015, esthetic centre of the year in 2016 at Famdent Awards Dr.Priti Munde has also been nominated as Outstanding Dentist of the year in 2016 and bagged an award as Jury of Esthetic Practice at Year 2016 at Indian Health Professional awards.

Marking her way in every field, Dr. Priti Mundes's have organised 25+ camps in Infosys, TCS, Vodafone etc. Dr.Priti also performed a role of Dental Consultants to the renowned star icons as well.